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Note that while the map is not randomly generated, the generated structures are.


Common structures consisting of underground mazes resembling ancient Greek design. The main enemy here is the Minotaur, of which each Labyrinth has only one (note other enemies can spawn).

Loot can be found in the deepest section of it.

Moon Elven CityEdit

A common structure consisting of a large, Northern Rennaissance-esque city, usually forming at or near the "shores" of islands.

The Moon Elves can 

Wood Elven CityEdit

A somewhat common structure, appearing as a massive oak tree whose branches form large bridges, platforms and even dwellings. They form solely in Pine or Mixed Forests, and deep within the heart of the island.

The Wood Elves can be traded with for magical supplies, such as enchanted tools or scrolls.

Dwarven StrongholdEdit

A fairly common structure, usually forming on the "shores" of islands. They resemble the Viking strongholds.

The Dwarves can be traded with for various valuable ores or tools.

Giant seiges are somewhat common, and are an easy way of gaining experience or loot.

Gates of the MoonEdit

An extremely rare palace, as there is only one of it, that sits on a lonely rock in the middle of nowhere. 

Upon entering the main room, Tsadi, goddess of the moon, will approach the player and ask what he/she wants. Then...something.