It's a first-person open-world survival game along the same vein as The Forest or Rust. The game places the player in a massive fantastical forest, wherein they must forage for supplies and construct shelters on the fly in order to survive.

World GenEdit

The world is made up of several layers, built such that walking off one layer will teleport the player seamlessly into the next, mimicking a perfectly flat world. Each layer is 150 meters from top to bottom, with sea level being roughly 50 meters from the bottom.

It is built similarly to a fantasy setting, with the majority of the map being forested and filled with creatures from mythology and folklore. Several animals, suh as the Woolly Rhino or Irish Elk, were inspired by now-extinct animals.

Generated Structures Edit

Generated Structures are structures that are clearly man-made, but generate naturally within the world. The most common are Dungeons or Cities, though there are a few Castles and Strongholds.

The player's advancement through the world relies heavily on these structures, as they usually contain valuable loot or offer protection from other monsters.


Life-forms are the various things that live in the world. Only very few are actual, real-world animals, as the majority

Climate / Envrionmental FactorsEdit

Factors which affect the world as a whole, usually consisting of the time of day, season, or some other factor. Most of these are purely aesthetic, however a few affect gameplay.

Notably, it is constantly twilight, as the Moon is high in the sky, but the sun has only just recently disappeared behind the mountains. The Moon's phase will still change, however, and affects the total brightness of the world.